Our history

The history of Santa Rosa began in 2008, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where a couple of girls, tired of traveling to USA to buy some international brands,  decided to open a store that could sell quality merchandise imported  from USA for a very good price.

Between so many meetings they had to plan the company, the most important one happened in a coffee shop, located at the mountains of Sao Paulo (where the first store was opened). They were discussing how and what could be the design of the logo, on that day, when the waiter brought the coffee, they both looked at the same time to a beautiful and big rose that just flourished in the garden of the coffee shop. At that moment both thought the same thing: That rose could be our logo.

They immediately  called the designer who was in charge to create the logo for Santa Rosa. He cames, took a picture of that rose and on top of the picture designed what today is known as the red rose of Santa Rosa.

When the economy started to slow down in Brazil in 2014, Santa Rosa decided to open it's first store in USA. The store is located in Sterling Heights (15 Mile Road with Schroenner) at 13331 15 Mile Road.  Today, even being far from home, Santa Rosa remais with the same proposal of it's first store: sell brand name merchandise (clothing, accessories and make up) for the most affordable price.



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